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Detailed Asbestos Surveys in the Surrey Area

Asbestos surveys from A Hayman Asbestos Services allow you to effectively manage risks at properties, construction sites and demolition projects in Surrey. Our asbestos management company can also help you to develop a strategy for handling hazardous materials should demolition or refurbishment works become necessary at any property in the future.


Asbestos is still one of the most of the most common health hazards in domestic and commercial buildings today. If it is good condition and left alone, asbestos presents no risks. Damaged or disturbed, however, it can be a potential major health hazard.


Since 2004, it has been a legal requirement for commercial premises built before 2000 to keep and maintain an asbestos register. The regulations are covered by the HSE and legislation falls under The Control of Asbestos Regulations 2012. The regulations explain what employers in Surrey must do to protect visitors and their workforces as part of an asbestos management or asbestos removal program.


Our clients benefit from asbestos surveys and removals in the following ways:


  • We provide accuracy in our analysis and thorough detail in our reports.
  • Our company is into its 30th year as an asbestos removal and management company
  • Personnel comply with ISO/BSI standards. Our certification is of the highest calibre
  • Results of asbestos surveys help us recommend the best management practices
  • We cover the whole of Surrey with a wide range of asbestos removal services



Detailed Asbestos Management Reports in Surrey


A Hayman Asbestos Services carry out a physical asbestos surveys at your premises for the purpose of identifying materials that may contain asbestos. When a suspected material is found, we will take a photograph and put it into the asbestos register for the property.


We also take a sample of the material to be tested (though this is not compulsory). This work falls under our asbestos management survey program previously known as a Type 1.


We also undertake ‘refurbishment surveys’ or ‘demolition surveys’ for our Surrey clients, which can be more intrusive and may involve some damage to certain decorative finishes or the fabric of the building. We only do this when necessary to reduce potential asbestos risks to demolition, refurbishment companies and contractors.


Demolition asbestos surveys, in particular, involve intense sampling. All of our surveys are carried out in full compliance with HSE guidelines and we are fully insured to undertake such work. Whenever clients from the Surrey area choose us for asbestos management or asbestos removal work, they do so with complete confidence in our abilities.


For more information on asbestos surveys and hazardous material management in Surrey, call us today on 023 8098 1172.

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