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Is Your Hampshire Property Affected by Asbestos?

Asbestos is a material that has been around for centuries. Used in various forms around the world, it became more commonly utilised in Hampshire and the UK during the 1940’s and 50’s. This unique natural substance was sound, heat-resistant and flame-retardant.


Ironing boards, oven gloves and wall insulation all had elements of asbestos inside. Just as importantly back then, it was an affordable installation product in frugal post-war times.


It seemed to the outside world that its uses were never-ending. Almost ironically, asbestos was once considered a lifesaver because it was a cost-effective way to lessen fire risks. Because health dangers where unknown, it is staggering to think that asbestos management and asbestos removal services are in such high demand throughout Hampshire today.



Asbestos Surveys Reveal Worrying Issues


As we now know, asbestos and safety are rarely associated with each other. Once initial asbestos surveys and safety reports where compiled during the 1970’s, the material was found to be a major cause of lung disease and cancer. Since then, all industries have had to take a long and hard look at areas where asbestos has been previously used.


Constant inhalation of asbestos fibres can take up to 60 years to have an effect. There are still men and women in Hampshire who are suffering from the effects of these deadly fibres today. It took until 1999 to ban asbestos use across the UK. Most buildings built before that date will almost certainly have some sort of asbestos material in it.


It is now the law to ensure asbestos management is undertaken at any home or business where this potentially deadly material has been used. There are strict guidelines that must be followed. All asbestos removal work undertaken in Hampshire must be handled correctly.



The Safe Removal of Asbestos in Hampshire


At A Hayman Asbestos Services, we can undertake asbestos surveys and asbestos removal work anywhere in the Hampshire area. We work closely with the customer, monitoring the presence of harmful substances carefully to either control or eliminate its presence.


If we discover that asbestos is undamaged and won’t be disturbed, we will usually recommend that you leave it alone. However, we will always recommend asbestos removal before any maintenance, refurbishment or building work takes place.


If you feel that your Hampshire property or site may contain asbestos, please contact us today. Not only will asbestos management stop you facing a hefty fine, but it will also safeguard your workforce or your family from the grave dangers of asbestos at a later date.


For more information on asbestos surveys and removals in Hampshire, call A Hayman Asbestos Services now on 023 8098 1172.

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