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FAQ’s on Asbestos Management in the Dorset Area

At A Hayman Asbestos Services, we come across a large number of customers in Dorset who are unaware of the dangers of asbestos. We also find that in some cases, as soon as the word asbestos is mentioned, they are under the illusion that being anywhere near it might bring them into contact with potential long-term illnesses.


We hope that this Frequently Asked Questions page will help you understand asbestos better. Because we’re an asbestos removal company that places a strong focus on safety, we will gladly answer any other queries you may have over the phone.


I have asbestos in my Dorset-based business. Are my staff at risk?

Your staff (or your family, if you have found asbestos in your Dorset home) will only be at risk if the asbestos is damaged and releasing fibres into the air. In the overwhelming majority of cases, however, asbestos will be safely wrapped and secure. When a risk is present, we can provide a full range of asbestos management services.


What do I do next?

We will come to your premises in Dorset to carry out one of our extensive asbestos surveys. During the survey, we will document every hazardous material present.


Will I need to evacuate the building whilst you carry out your work?

Based on whether the asbestos is damaged or not, we can remove it while you carry on with your day-to-day work. If you’re renovating or reconstructing a building in Dorset, we have procedures in place that make asbestos removal safe even if you’re still living or working inside. We only ask you to evacuate a property if we deem it absolutely necessary.


Are your staff at risk at all when you carry out asbestos management work in Dorset?

No. We wear full PPE (Personal Protective Equipment) and all asbestos removal work is carried out in line with stringent HSE (Health & Safety) guidelines.


Do new buildings have asbestos in?

No. In 1999, a law was passed banning all companies from the use of asbestos in any future buildings. However, asbestos management may be required for older properties.


I have asbestos in my home. What do I do?

We will come to your Dorset home and assess the situation. If we think hazardous materials may be present, we carry out one of our detailed asbestos surveys and recommend you a suitable service to remove it. As previously stated, we leave asbestos in place if it is untouched or undamaged because it is harmless in either of these states.


What are the effects of asbestos inhalation?

Asbestos has claimed many lives following years of exposure to deadly fibres. Some asbestos poisoning has remained undetected for up to 60 years. Mesothelioma is the main cause of many asbestos-related illnesses and is a form of lung cancer.


If you feel you’ve been exposure to asbestos at any point in your working life, please see your GP for a check-up. The chances of being exposed to damaged asbestos are very rare so please don’t panic unduly. If you still have concerns over any property in Dorset, contact our asbestos removal specialists now for further help and advice


For more information on asbestos management in Dorset, call A Hayman Asbestos Services on 023 8098 1172 today.

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